A selling experience built for TikTok and Digital Product Owners

Ghost Pigeon is a platform made with digital product creators in mind, where sellers can monetize their audience by providing niche knowledge to their community with digital downloads directly on their Tiktok videos.

  • Shoppable Videos + LIVE Selling

    Create entertaining videos or go live with your digital products just a tap away.

  • Shop Page

    Display your product catalog within your own in-app shop without having a Seller Account.

  • Affiliate Offers

    Get more sales by having other creators promote your digital product with the same shoppable product button.


of TikTok users discover new brands and products on TikTok

3 in 4

TikTok users are likely to buy something while using TikTok


say that TikTok plays a role in purchase decisions


What is Ghost Pigeon?

Ghost Pigeon is a hosting platform that allows creators to sell digital products on Tiktok Shop, without opening a store. We do this by providing your orders with tracking numbers, fulfilling this order requirement by Tiktok which was blocking the sale of digital products.

How does Ghost Pigeon provide tracking numbers for digital products?

We have established strategic partnerships with shipping providers, ensuring seamless assignment of tracking numbers to your digital products. Additionally, customers receive a detailed invoice for their purchase, enhancing the overall buying experience.

Can I use Ghost Pigeon for other e-commerce platforms?

Currently, Ghost Pigeon exclusively supports TikTok to address the challenges faced by digital products sellers. We streamline the process by eliminating the need for "link in bio" and provide sellers the chance to create shoppable videos on TikTok, mirroring the experience of physical product sellers.

How do I get paid for my sales?

Sellers receive direct payments for their sales through Stripe. Once you sign up you will be prompted to connect your Stripe account. When a sale occurs on TikTok Shop, it instantly reflects on your dashboard, ready for withdrawal from Stripe. Affiliate commissions from your TikTok sales are available for withdrawal on your TikTok account.

Can other creators promote my digital product?

Yes, other creators can promote your digital products by adding them to their showcase. The seller will collect the sale and the creator will receive the commission.

What fees are associated with using Ghost Pigeon's hosting platform?

Ghost Pigeon is a subscription based platform charging only $49 per month for hosting unlimited products. Our service also includes a flat nominal fee of $3.89 per order, dedicated to covering the cost associated with assigning a tracking number to ensure a smooth and reliable process. We advise that you include this number in your pricing in order to cover this fee.

How do I get started with Ghost Pigeon?

Effortlessly sign up to access your seller dashboard. Complete your profile, upload your digital products. Please allow 24 hours for your digital products to be verified. Once verification is complete, visit our TikTok Shop @GhostPigeon.io to find your digital product. Click 'Add to showcase' and kickstart your earnings from shoppable content!

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